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Just for the sake of trying to write once every few months... [29 Jun 2010|12:01am]
...Sup!  This has been quite the summer so far.  Been having to cope with friends being located in other parts of the world:  NYC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Atlanta, Paris... and Emma's in Turkey, but only for two more days.  I miss her, huh?!  

I've been making a ton of music on my laptop; this summer's been in general really musical, been getting a couple DJ gigs a week and they've all been fun, successful, and I've been meeting so many talented motherfuckers too.

Wish I had the opportunity to write more.  Blogging is fine but my blog sucks so much bawls that I feel like I need a new venture (not my fault, it's the other writers).  Oliver and I are planning on starting a print publication once we're both out of school- speaking of which SCHOOL IS ENDING SOON- and I've got to take the LSATs to get into law school even though I'm not even sure I wanna do that.  It's been totally wild, and although I can see that these coming semesters are going to be extremely anti-social I can't wait to be back with my TIGHT CLOSE friends with whom I can sit and do nothing and stare at a wall and still call it hanging out.

Probably gonna go to NYC next week and visit Oliver/Jody/Roach/Molly/Maya/Tim/Dylan (if he's back from his art program in Switzerland) after I spend a nice long week kicking it hard with Emma.  Haven't seen her in two weeks I miss her!!  I just want to get her to myself and watch True Blood.  Or take her out dancing then get her brunch at the Blue Room.  I can't get enough of that bish!  You know brunch buffet at Blue Room (usually $100 a head with wine) is $23!!!!!!  It's ILLLLLL

Speaking of the food service industry, I've been working as a bartender / server / host a few shifts a week at this great new bar / restaurant in Jamaica Plain, about five minutes from the place I'm subletting off of South Huntington.  It's great experience.  Tiring.  But rewarding and fun.

A friend of mine says he wants to press a 12 inch record for me on his record label; that'd be my first record signing!  He's got a nice label with some great bands and producers on it and he's hooked up and competent so I trust him.

Uhh, yeah, the summer's also been a little lonely; JP's kinda far from everything and you know how I get when I'm not completely occupied.  Maybe too much free time.  Good thing I jacked my sister's PS2 so I can play Grand Theft Auto and keep myself from getting too antsy.

so it's not all good but mostly good!  perhaps the best summer of my life.

I'm out
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[19 Mar 2010|01:21pm]
Tried to get into the Noisia show at the Phoenix Landing last night but the line was, like, STUPID, ended up heading down the street to dance to some techno elsewhere.  Had a bunch of semi-interactions with people that I like, but don't have much to share with.  Lots of half conversations and hugs and trying too hard.  Drank too much; hey, I'm on vacation, it's cool.

Today I got obligations!!  But they're reasonably manageable!!  

I gotta grade papers, prep. a presentation, and read a book about Salsa music.   Like I said, manageable.  

My art(music) has been hitting a kind of wall recently.  I find myself making very good mindless party techno, and when I try to bring in nuanced percussion or subtle looping samples, or weird reverb etc., I start subsuming fun to "artistic integrity."   I might just want to stick to making party anthems.  Thump thump thump thump. 

I have a gig on Sunday, which will be under-trafficked, especially since it's a Sunday night at the Enormous Room and that's just bound to be slow.  Regardless, the guy who put it together wants me to do an interview with this very well-known DJ/Producer, then try and get some sort of legitimate publications to pick it up.  Maybe print, maybe blog, but regardless, DJing to an empty lounge won't be a huge fail since I'll get an opportunity to chat this guy up, share some music, and talk about bigger, more important future arrangements.

Also it's 70 degrees outside and I feel obligated to put on some clothing and get out of bed.

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it's about ME! [09 Jan 2010|04:41pm]
Hey journal, I'm on the bus to New York, just spent the last week in Boston and the week before that in Paris. This is has been an awesome vacation but the idea that I'm already of out of practice in terms of writing and communicating is a little scary; I was just invited to be a teaching assistant with this super famous art criticism professor; his classes are really bizarre and unconventional, but super engaging and relevant. I've also got to design a syllabus of when and what reading will get done next semester for the continuation of my year-long independent study.

It will be nice to be back, I just hope that my roommates, being in some sort of bizarre secret not-really-platonic queer hetero relationship are nice to eachother and develop better cleaning habits. Honestly I get a little crazy when my living room has wigs and leggings and high heels littered all around it, it looks like the set of some odd niche-oriented pornography.

I'm listening to a really interesting Detroit/minimal Techno/House mix from Deadboy via FACT Magazine,dude is doing this thing where he's got a delay going so fast on the snare hits that the snares just purr like kittens, then he changes the speed of the delay by a little bit, but it's still crazy fast, so the purr just changes frequencies.  Low purr, high purr, Low purr, high purr.   Should be in a New York in about an hour, gotta visit Maya at Clinton Hill, Molly in Greenpoint (it's her 22nd birthday), meet up with Dylan in Manhattan, then go hang with Jody after she gets out of work in the Lower East side.  It should be an awesome busy weekend, and I've got a little bit of money to throw around which is always cool.  Maybe I'll go shopping.  I bought this adorable necklace a few days ago at Rescue in Allston. 

Anyyywways, gotta be back in Boston on Tuesday 'cuz I'm DJing at Zuzu for Nu Life, one of the weekly queer nights, this one specifically with more of an emphasis on the music.  Which is nice. 

I'M FRICKIN' HUNGRY I'm gonna eat a bagel IMMEDIATELY upon entering Manhattan... scorreeeeeeeee

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damn I've had this thing for a long time [12 Dec 2009|02:40am]
I'm 11 pages through one of my final papers, didn't go out tonight (I know- friday night?!), saw Emma play Ponyo (?) in some bizarr-o multimedia performance art rendition of the film, was weeiird, had Japanese food with the Dreyfus fam today, spent some time in Sam's Pizza listening to dudes play on the piano. This semester FLEW by, I can't believe I have a year and a half left of college... next semester is the last semester that I take classes before I pursue my independent project... SCARY!!!

I wonder where/when I'm going to move:


that's the list... we'll see where I end up.

It's cold as a motherfucker in Northampton but I just got this fucking BAD ASS coat that makes me pretty much invincible. I don't know if I'm heading into Boston tomorrow night for a couple of parties, it would be a lot of fun, but I may just need to get this research final done so I can get started on my last one. THEN A LONG ASS BREAK IN BOSTON SITTING IN COFFEE SHOPS ALL DAY LONG BECAUSE I CANT GET A JOB. Yeah whatever...
I'm at the Middle East on Tuesday, the usual- Zuzu going crazy, maybe not so crazy since it's not the summer anymore. But yeah, should be awweeessome.

Girlfriend just got back from the shower, gotta put this away before she makes me feel bad for still secretly keeping my livejournal -- l0lz

she says:
"you're weird"

1 Look here, Jebuz. xWe can clip dirty wings. Speak to me.

Well... [01 Nov 2009|05:01pm]
this weekend was a hoot. I DJ'd at Hampshire Halloween, and despite one of my turntables breaking, the main power conduit coming unplugged three times, and a bunch of chaos with regards to making sure everyone made it safely to Hampshire College, it went off really hard and I managed to get a thousand kids flipping out inside of an outdoor techno tent. Apparently, there were people openly having sex on one of the platforms during my set.

Oliver and Jody and Dana and Annie all came up form NYC, which was nice, 'cuz I'm usually the one going down to visit them and it gets a little exhausting. I'm currently at the bar kicking ass on an aesthetic analysis of this really amazing mixtape that so exemplifies the contemporary practices of "border art" brought about by globalization and new internet technologies etc. that it is BEGGING to be talked about.

Living in Northampton is amazing- Emma and I live about five minutes away so we get our privacy and don't drive eachother crazy living together but it's SO EASY to walk over to her house.

Not having a job is tough, you know, being dependent on my parents for $$ still- I mean it's amazing I SO SO appreciate their generousity- but with my spending habits this whole weekly allowance thing isn't quite cutting it. And I'm still waiting on a $200 check from the Weekly Dig. Motherfuckers need to pay me. I don't think they're doing so well economically, though. Print newspapers in general aren't.

Anyways, gotta finish this paper because it's due at midnight and I'm planning on going a whole semester without asking for any extensions. Wish me luck.

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[19 Sep 2009|05:13pm]
For some reason, I only have the urge to write in this thing when I'm in another state. I feel like crap right now, last night was a shit-show, but it wasn't ALL bad. NEW YORK MAKES YOU SPEND SO MUCH MONEY. I GOT A MOTHERFUCKING 115 DOLLAR TICKET because I misread a sign down on the Lower East Side. Still, it's so nice to see all of my friends from Brookline... I also saw my friend Maya, ex-hampshire student and denizen of Brookyln. We all met up at a café down on Grande st. and drank a bottle of wine and ate some fruit. Amazing.

Roach goes, "is that mug playing a song?"
Oliver goes, "It's- I dunno, magic. So sad, and slow."

You can hear the batteries in the mug dying, the sounds are detuning.

We're going to get some BAGE BAGE BAGELS and try to recover from last night's exploits
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[08 Jun 2009|11:21pm]
So my house is a warzone (thankfully I'm not a part of it), I'm on a break with emma, which I believe will be ending tonight when we go out to ice cream, I locked down an internship doing PR and marketing for Rualto in Harvard Square, and I can't for a minute get away from my blackberry. In fact im LJing from it now.

The things I'm excited about this summer are my dj gigs and all of the cool (potentially cool) people I can meet at them, this internship, and finding more and more stuff to read about new media and the ways in which the game of journalism is changing drastically.

I just biked back from Allston where I whomped at Call of Duty 5 (pesky Nazis) and I'm going to Philly this weekend to p-a-r-t-y with my Dyl Dyl. Because I miss him.

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EASTER KEG HUNT [12 Apr 2009|04:32pm]
was awesome... we hit the woods at around 9 AM. Found some kegs, drank some beer, socialized with the thousands of kids littering the gigantic patch of woods surrounding the Hampshire campus. We walked for hours, kept finding new patches of people standing around their kegs. Some people peed their pants. This one girl tried to cross a stream on a log and ate shit!! straight up in the water. It was embarrassing, but she took it like a trooper.

Last night we spray-painted a 30 rack of beer cans, then painted them with paint markers to say things like "HAPPY HUNTING" and "DRINK."  lol then we scattered them around the entrances to the woods and I think people found all of them, which makes me feel nice.  :)

I got more work, got commissioned to write more for the Weekly Dig, doing press relations for the Vermin Street Record Label...  which is great, and I'm making a bit of $$$ without having to do a shitty retail job like last year.  It's dope, looks like I'm going to be in Boston this summer.

I'm not drunk anymore, which is wonderful.  I've got the mad paperz to write later (gotta find some stimulants), going to hit up Northampton with Ellen.
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Here's how you run a class. [08 Apr 2009|11:05am]
a) assign homework (namely reading). Ensure that if students do not do their homework, they are shamed/disciplined/harassed until they either shape the fuck up or are forced out of the class.

b) design a specific unit of discussion for every day of class that you teach. make sure the unit corresponds to the assigned reading a vice versa... Do not allow a climate where students can just go off the dome on some shit they were thinking about last night if it DOESN'T RELATE TO THE READING.

c) in order to ensure that discussions are centered around a specific daily or weekly unit, which is built on the assigned reading, do a short de-brief at the beginning of each class to lay down the foundational thought from each piece that you read. If it is theoretical, have your students draw out the theory and make it clear to the rest of the class. If it is a novel or other kind of casual literature, do a quick analysis to draw out important themes and to distill the messages coded in the work by the author. If it is historical, re-cap important dates, people, institutions, movements, etc.
c1) If none of your students are willing to participate in this de-briefing period, you've got a problem, because this is probably related to the fact that noone is doing the reading. Either noone's doing the reading, the reading is too hard, or a bit of both. If noone is doing the reading, ensure them that class participation is a massive part of their grade and that if they don't start talking, they had better leave right away or suffer a mediocre grade. You are not a disciplinarian. This is not high school. You do not have to wait for stragglers.

d) stop disruptive or masturbatory students from talking... if you can gleam a kernel of constructive thought that is related to the homework, but their nervousness is preventing them from expressing themselves, ask them to rephrase what they were saying, or rephrase what they were saying for them. Don't be afraid to make enemies!

...I'm going to keep working on this. I'm just in a really bad class right now that isn't following this approach at all, and it's sad sad sad.

It made me start thinking about what this professor was doing wrong.
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Nueva Jork [21 Feb 2009|10:36am]
[ mood | straight CRACKED OUT ]

Well... I'm back in the big city. the big, scary, 24-hour party city.

We got home to East Williesburg around 4ish this morning, tried to sleep, but the three of us only had one comforter and one pillow. We were COLD. FUCKING COLD.

I lied in bed kind of half asleep half too cold to sleep and at 7 I decided it would be a good idea to take a shower and walk to Manhattan, which I didn't realize was very very far away.

Saw DJ /Rupture and friends at this sweet basement bunker party last night- he is truly an amazing DJ and an amazing scholar- we had an awesome discussion about the function of half-time in dance music and the appreciation of negative space in slow, minimal music. I danced for four hours. It was real!

Got to see Oliver and Jody and Molly O and not Roach yet because he quite literally could not afford to take the subway from Manhattan, which is kind of sad. It seems that everyone who lives within a 15 mile radius of Manhattan is broke. I guess it makes sense.

But YEAH, I'm @ this DOPE DOPE DOPE Café that I was directed to in Chelsea, called.... uh... Café Grumpy! They are super snobsicles, but the coffee's delicious as delicious can be.

I'm going to take my uncle here next time we're in the city.

ps I LOVE THAT THIS TOWN TAKES THE WORLD'S WORST FAKE ID PRETTY MUCH EVERYWHERE I GO. I've never had this ID rejected before, and it's literally made out of paper. Awesome, so much cooler than Boston.

I'm gonna go read about Foucauldian concepts of state-condoned disciplinary structures and their shortcomings with regards to the question of systematic racial violence. Finally a geeky, theory-heavy article in my Black Rad. course.

TONIGHT WE SHALL DO FREE THINGS WITHOUT COVER CHARGEZ, I just found like abillion blogs about FREE stuff to do/eat/drink/you know in the city.

We can clip dirty wings. Speak to me.

here I am... [10 Feb 2009|10:11pm]
[ mood | focused. ]

...at the Bookmill again. They're technically supposed to close at 10, but I convinced the woman working to stay open for the sake of my and my comrade's patronage. I purchased a coffee brownie (yes, I know I'm supposed to be diet-ing) and some Earl Grey and they're both really great right now. Driving up Rt. 63 to get here from Amherst was a bitch, what with all of the assholes on the road. Rather, Massholes.

School is really hard, classes including:

Modern Social Thought: From Marx to Foucault

Sample! Remix! Mash! (which is actually not about electronic music, but is rather a metaphor for the postmodern culture of pop fandom)

Digital Sound and Music Processing... at Smith college. Hot techies, mm.


Black Radicalism in the 60's and 70's: The United States and Beyond... the professor for which has an incredible hip-hop // black creative expression // activist-oriented weekly show on WMUA. The class is a bit easy, but it's nice and I'm glad he's both cool and scholarly.

Today in S!R!M!, we talked at length about the subversive reinterpretation of popular text, through the lens of... DUH DUH DUH... ONLINE VAMPIRE SUBCULTURES. And we also touched on Stargate SG-1 queer slash fan-fiction. Man the poopdeck indeed.

It was hilarious, and informative, and fun, and I just love this place. I'm DJing at this little lounge next week, and I've got an article coming out in the Dig tomorrow. I just finished a press package for this record label that I've been working with, and things are really busy and I'm rapt.

God I love the BookMill. Hope everyone on the blogosphere is doing well.

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seriously [03 Jan 2009|12:07pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

fuck off // your reaction was completely unwarranted

how do I apologize for being condescending and nasty while still driving home the point that that was a fucking episode of MANIA on your part?!

you threw my laptop? really?

I'm sorry for the fact that I am disdainful towards you when you try and have a political opinion that's different from my own, but usually I think it's because you aren't hearing the right stuff from the people/books/newspapers around you. I can't understand why your opinion would differ from my own, and because I'm more lucid with sentence construction and name-dropping and fact-throwing blah blah blah I run vocal circles around you regardless of if I'm wrong or not.

I'm sorry for not letting you have an opinion, but seriously. Some of the first steps to genocide are displacement and barring of access to key resources, such as FOOD and CLEAN WATER. This cattle-herding is shaping up to fit, more and more, the profile for ethnic cleansing.

//ethnic. cleansing.

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I kissed a girl... [21 Dec 2008|01:53pm]
...and I liked it.

"just to try it... hope my boyfriend don't mind it."

YO KATIE PERRIE, CHOKE ON A DICK AND DIE? fucking homophobix bullshitz

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[21 Dec 2008|02:24am]
I'm a little drunk and still cold from running around Allston in the snow looking for a second party because that first one was lame after Gabi's set. Emma's coming over... maybe we can convince her to watch a movie with me. Or maybe we can just go to sleep. It's fucking COLD in my room, speaking of being cold, and there are expensive electronics everywhere (turntables, electribe, mpc drum machine, laptops (damn I'm really privileged (and that was two nested parentheticals))all helter skelter across the floor), which block my footpath from the bathroom to the bed. Did that just work?

ANYWAYZ, shout out to Uncle Rich 'cuz I know this shit's pulling up on his RSS feeder...

AND I HAVE TO finish a paper tomorrow and hand it in to my French teacher because extended finals fuck RULE WATSUP


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brrr [08 Dec 2008|07:52pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

Somehow I'm the only person on the b43 bus to the hampshire mall. I've got this lit. Journalism assignment where I've charged myself with hanging out @ the mall's record store to see if anything interesting slash horribly mundane was going on.

I'm staring down the length of the bus, thank god it came early, my coffee had become iced coffee very quickly. Ain't nobody on it but were sitting and waiting for stragglers. I'm curious to see what the mall is like when it closes around 8... Probably pretty sterile and fluorescent.

Should be going home next week. I need to:

Find work? Hopefully get paid to write more columns etc.

Think about booking some bands or getting booked for some awesome shows.

Start working on passing my div I requirements?

Other than that I hope to smoke a lot of weed, make a lot of laptop/band music, and spin records records records. Ill be home for, like, a long ass time and I can't settle into malaise and/or apathy. But yes, I'm having fun, despite the fucked up cold and the 22 page papers that I've been nutting out all over the place. When's hannukah coming again?

We can clip dirty wings. Speak to me.

pure acid techno [22 Oct 2008|08:17pm]
I'm SO wired on Red Bull, White Chocolate covered pretzels, (why did I capitalize the 'w' and the 'c' there?), and those DELICIOUS Three-Cheese Kettle Chips they sell at the school store.

I just got an e-mail from my uncle that reads:

"below freezing in Amherst tonight -- hope your heat's working"


BALLZ, but whatever, because I GOT THIS SICK SHIRT FROM MY G-FZ:

I wanna talk shit on LJ SO BAD but I'mma hold off, 'cuz we all know what happens when LJ drama begins.  

I'm going to Philly to visit DYLAN, and also to hang out with OLIVER AND ROACH.  Super awesome, we're going to a big Dubstep Rave, and we're going to just make havoc in general.  I'm picking the dudes up in Manhattan on Friday afternoon, then we're off to the PHIL for some nightlife and comraderie.   FUNBRAIN REUNITED.    I've got my DIV II proposal due next week, which is basically me determining my major, and I can't figure out how to work in the dynamics of ethnicity and culture in electronic music with my journalism stuff and my media criticism stuff... TUFF GONG TUFF GONG.

Can't wait to hang with my crew, should be posting a DJ mix soon.  Not that any of you like music.

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[01 Oct 2008|10:12am]
um oki.

so i totally have to go to class, like, 15 minutes away, in like, three minutes.
i ALWAYS make the mistake of hanging out in front of my computer for too long during the mornings.

and I still haven't read the literature that we're talking about in french class, but I'm going to get away with it, 'cuz my presentation on Simone de Beauvoire (major bitch) will be informative and interesting and fun.

I'm going to Boston later today, it would seem that this back-and-forth thing might start up again as things get busier for me in both places.
I've got a NewYork/Wesleyan trip scheduled for late October to play Leif's CD release party with Truman Peyote, as well as a trip down to Philadelphia for this big Dubstep rave hosted by that sweet dude Joe Nice. Here's Joe:

We can clip dirty wings. Speak to me.

Camp Hamp! [07 Sep 2008|05:46pm]
I'm totally loving it here.
I was homeless for a bit, due to the fact that I slipped through the cracks of the Hampshire housing process.
And I've been making lots of music. Lots of experimental electronic music. Some of it's good, some of it's not.

I'm waiting to hear back about whether or not I got into the top-tier journalism course, and I'll be extremely happy if I do. It was an audition-only class, and I wasn't so happy with the piece I submitted for my audition, 'onaccounta I was slightly time-crunched with a 24 hour deadline. But we'll see.

It's Shelley's birthday tonight, so we're going to go out to the gorgeous Yiddish Book Center with brownies and cookies that are being made in the oven right now.

Here's my house:

Here's my backyard with a garden and a path that leads into the woods:

I love it here!
1 Look here, Jebuz. xWe can clip dirty wings. Speak to me.

SUP// [24 Aug 2008|02:50am]
[ mood | touched ]

omg lol livejournal.
i'm lying down in my bed, well not my bed, but a bed, and i thought i would check livejourn4l. so i did.

I wonder if this page has been catalogued in Google... you think this comes up when you google "Max Pearl"? Jeez I hope not. This ish is madness. mayonaisze.

I've organized a huge event for tomorrow night. Dubstep, Reggae, Bass, and Future Dub at the Phoenix Landing in Central Square! SO EXCITED SUCH A DOPE SOUNDSYSTEM.

you know, I don't really care about making money. I just hope it's well attended, or that some serious reggae fiends get into it and I get to share these DJs with the world. The 19+ world. What a weird age limit- couldn't get the club to go any lower.

I'm going back up to Hampshire August 31st, and I greatly miss Amherst (The Pioneer Valley). I have to make new friends, kind of, since many of my friends dropped out, but I don't think that will be too hard, what with the tens of thousands of college students, many of whom play music, or do art, or take drugs are any number of the things I like to do recreationally. SO excited to get back to all the little spots that I've discovered out there. My apartment is a shithole, unfortunately, but it's got a kitchen, which means no exorbitantly-priced mealplan for me, betches.

I love Boston, sad that I've got friends leaving for another season, but all is well.

And i got a new hoodie.

That one. Tha black one. sick sick sick love it

see you in a long time.

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[11 May 2008|02:34am]
I just got back, I'm in Emma's bed. I helped throw a fun party tonight... glad everyone showed up and had a good time. I'm all about the MEDFORD. All eastern all the time betches.

I am stressed about my job at the Tannery- we're having an outdoor sale tomorrow, and I have a Globe column due Tuesday at noon. Having three jobs is a bitch, especially when one of them is 8 hours a day, and the other requires creativity.

I'm going to wake up at 10 and make myself a breakfast quesadilla. WORD

beans and cheese, maybe bacon or chicken with some salsa and piece of egg

skeet skeet skoot skoot blahhhhhh
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